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 Discussion with a friend with India

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Tareq alzoubi


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مُساهمةموضوع: Discussion with a friend with India   الأحد يونيو 12, 2011 1:49 am


Republic of India (Hindi: भारत गणराज्य | Bhārat Gaṇarājya |) is a country in South Asia, Ptanl most of the Indian subcontinent. India has a coastline length of 700 km Aktar. Elly side of the country is India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the northwest, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north, Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In the Indian Ocean, Maldives Pthavea from the southwest, Sri Lanka and Indonesia to the southeast. Tani India is the largest country in the world in terms of population, population Lavalys Bezid billion and hundred million people, according Elly Ptcolh Encarta Encyclopedia 2007. And in terms of area, India ranks seventh in the world

India was where the ancient civilizations, and Cat center lot of important trade routes throughout history, and the violin at home a little uniforms religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. India Cat time in colonial days is part of the territory of the British Crown before they are independent from Britain in 1932. With the late twentieth century Atkdmt India offers considerable in the economy and the role of political messing remained largely on the level of its region and the world.


At Bembtka (Bhimbetka) in Madhya Pradesh by a little caves Petrdja old drawings of the Stone Age, and consider, one of the oldest directories on the humanitarian presence in India. The first human settlements appeared Aldaimh in India from about 3,000 years, civilizations primacy de Ataraft on behalf of civilizations and the Indus Valley, Elly Shaft Dahabi its age in the period between 2512 BC. M and 1.254 s. M.

Of the fifth century BC, Cam Acklt an independent kingdom. Cat Kingdom of Maori in the saree, north of the country the most important of all, kings, united the country of India for the first time, and whom are known Ashoka after the switch to the religion of Buddhism. From about the year 130 BC. M, seemed invasions Gaip from Central Asia coming in, and Itwalt Amaaha kingdoms different assets: - Indian-pattern, Indian - Bartip, and in the end the kingdom of "Cochin." Component "Gupta" solution in the third century AD, and lived India with him under Dahab. In the south the kingdoms of the lots: Chalukyas, Chiras and others. And arts and sciences flourished, and mathematics, and astronomy, and engineering, and philosophy during the rule of de families.

Islamic armies began trying to invade India from the days of the Umayyad dynasty, the State of Muslims settled on the borders of the Indus River. Ghaznavid sprouted from their bases in Afghanistan in the campaigns for the invasion of the country beyond the Indus, Phase de founded the Delhi Sultanate, the first independent Muslim kingdoms in India. State closes each estimated (h 1120) it includes most of the territory of the Indian subcontinent (except the extreme south areas). Century advent of the Mongols Alsteshr form a very important event in the history of India, where they mingled with the New Qdroeconuahdharh Indian and Islamic cultures. Regions of the far south was the only exception in the history of India, because they lived in isolation from the political developments that have happened in the Indian continent.

After the discovery of new sea routes seemed to convey the Europeans, India, and Kat commercial gains an incentive to compete Albertgalleno French and English between them and some, and Elly took advantage phase of weakness and division, sectarian Elly Cat Seidh India for the establishment of new settlements for them. Western powers have landed new laws were aimed at the exploitation of the country's resources to the fullest degree. Indians try to rebel against the new situation, the Soviets picked a popular revolution against the year 1783 the British East India Company, and an end to manifestations of the revolution ended the Mughal rule in India, and from that time the country remained a colony under the British Crown. Mahatma Gandhi led a peaceful movement Btaatmsk the principle of "nonviolence," Elly was estimated after years of resistance so long that they get a promise of independence. On April 7, 1927 India gained its independence formally, and then remained Republic of February 16, 1980

Because of the Katra-ethnic and religions, known as the Indian entity emerging sectarian strife and popular uprisings lots. Because of the problems de Elly prevailed all the time, except in a short period from 1975 to 1977, declared a state of emergency (in the reign of Indira Gandhi), and India remained a democracy Sekolar (Almanih). But India have had border disputes with neighboring lots entered China with China in a brief war in 1962, and then entered in the ensuing wars with its neighbor Pakistan Altanih (1947.1965, 1971). India is a founding member of the Organization of the Non-Aligned Movement. Worked first underground nuclear test in 1974, Vbakt hard-member in an informal club of nuclear states, and after that worked more the five experiments in 1998, led by incumbent President Abdul Kalam. Economic reforms Elly Bdtha the Indian government from 1991 ago India remain state-of-Aktar world growth.


Indian Constitution Biokd that India and the democratic republic Sekolar (Almanip) have sovereignty. Its political character of his Republican federal parliament Bickl Tcherieitin of two rooms, have a system Atoda in the form of the British parliamentary system (Westminster). System of governance in India has followed the bodies: Tcherieipo executive and judicial.

President is the highest representative authority in the hierarchy of the state, and an honorary Old Jog validity. Baiqtsr role to protect the Constitution, and ratification of the laws and issue decrees amnesty. Is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Takes place and the election of President Naiba indirectly by an electoral college for a single term of five years. Wazzra President is the head of the government, and supported by most of the executive authorities. Selected automatically by deputies of the ruling party or coalition parties Elly own parliamentary majority. Constitution, what Pinsc to choose a prime minister Rafik among the MPs, even though this is what happened with the cam and one Itoloa de position.

Parliament is the legislative body in India. Petolv parliament of two chambers, the upper house (Council of State) and Pttzmy "Rajya Sabha", and the lower house (House of People) and Pttzmy "Lok Sabha." Electors choosing the 245 members of the State Council, and the duration of Q.e.m six years on the council. Room for the election of members takes place Altanih 552 by universal suffrage every five years, through the de Btaathdd various political forces and the government formation. The right of any Indian citizen with more than one Tmanteshr old age he shall be elected.

Pttkon executive authority of the President, and Vice President, Cabinet Elly Petrosh the prime minister himself. Minister Elly bags with them needed to be members of the rooms in the parliamentary system. Glint in the system Nkilatnebl Indian Ptkhadda the executive body of the legislature.

India's independent judicial system, President of the Court Bimthelh sovereign (or higher) of India, the highest judicial body. Court's sovereign right to consider the issues of disputes that happen between the saree, the federal states and the central authority, and also have the power to overrule the supreme courts of India. Which 18 high court in India, which has the competence as well as on the federal mandate, and which has the powers of the mandate and the Old One (large states). If there is a dispute between the legislature and the judiciary Bihtkm the Head of State. Constitution Pthmia independent bodies uniforms Election Commission of India, and the Public Prosecution Authority of India, and body control and public accountability.
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thanx tareq >
if there s any dialoguue with ur friend put it here
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Discussion with a friend with India
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